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Astana, Kazakhstan • 26 February, 2024 | 08:36

First Batch of 500 Starlink Kits Delivered to Kazakhstan

A total of two thousand kits are set to arrive within 20 days — Digital and Space Ministry

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Unsplash/Evgeny Opanasenko
Unsplash/Evgeny Opanasenko

On February 24, Minister of Digital Development, Innovations and Aerospace Industry Bagdat Mussin announced that the first batch of 500 Starlink kits arrived in Kazakhstan. The Minister noted that he came to Almaty to monitor the process of acceptance of equipment in person, QazMonitor reports citing the Telegram channel of Bagdat Mussin.

"Within the next week will begin distribution to specific schools in Turkistan and Akmola regions, which are fully ready for the installation of Starlink. Akimats [administrations — QM] of these regions have carried out all the background work,"

 reads the Minister’s post on Telegram.

According to Minister Mussin, the rest of the regions will receive kits from the next batch, which will arrive in 10 days.

"A total of 2,000 sets will arrive within 20 days, which will provide high-speed Internet to 2,000 remote rural schools of the country," he said.

Telegram/Bagdat Mussin
Telegram/Bagdat Mussin
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