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Astana, Kazakhstan • 23 February, 2024 | 16:54
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Local Company to Build Potash Fertilizer Facility in Oral

The Prime Minister visited the West Kazakhstan region and got acquainted with the local agricultural enterprises

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On February 23, Prime Minister Olzhas Bektenov visited the West Kazakhstan region and acquainted himself with the operations of two agricultural facilities in the city of Oral, QazMonitor reports citing

About the potash fertilizer project: Qazaq Kalium Ltd., a chemical industry company operating from Astana, plans to phase the launch of potash fertilizer in the West Kazakhstan region by 2035. This will mark the country’s first mining and processing complex for this type of fertilizer.

  • Planned capacity and investment: The production is estimated to reach six million tons of potash fertilizer. For the phased launch, the company plans to attract $2.4 billion in investments and regularly employ four thousand people.

  • Why it matters: Currently, the average demand for potash fertilizers in Kazakhstan is eighteen thousand tons per year. With the launch of the project, the company expects to propel Kazakhstan into the top five global producers of potash fertilizers, covering 14% of the global market share.

About the greenhouse facility: World Green Company LLP operates an industrial greenhouse. The facility covers an area of 11.8 hectares and utilizes Dutch agro technologies.

  • Facility’s capacity: Annually, the greenhouse produces six thousand tons of cucumbers and tomatoes, employing 190 staff members regularly.

  • Market distribution: The company sells its products in Kazakhstan and adjacent regions of Russia.

Context: Prime Minister Bektenov informed local businesses that the government aims to saturate the local market with domestic agricultural products. "This year, ₸430 billion was allocated within the framework of support measures for national agriculture. However, on the instructions of the President [Kassym-Jomart Tokayev], we will double this amount," stressed the Minister.

The bigger picture: Kazakhstan currently boasts a total area of 223.1 hectares dedicated to industrial greenhouses. In an effort to bolster the greenhouse industry, the government has implemented measures such as increasing reimbursement of costs from 25% to 30%. Moreover, subsidies cover 50% of the expenses for fertilizers, plant protection products, irrigation water supply, as well as cucumber and tomato seeds.

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