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Astana, Kazakhstan • 06 February, 2024 | 14:16
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Kazakhstan's Key Energy Figures: TITR Oil Supplies to Reach 3M Tons over Two Years

Ongoing projects in the energy sector include expansion at the Tengiz, Karachaganak, and Kashagan fields

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The official information portal of the Prime Minister has shared key figures on the development of the energy sector in Kazakhstan. The data encompass the oil and gas industry, electricity infrastructure, and renewable energy.

In the oil industry, significant expansion projects at the Tengiz, Karachaganak, and Kashagan fields are ongoing. The throughput capacity of the Kazakh section of the CPC pipeline has increased from 54 to 72.5 million tons per year. The Trans-Caspian route has facilitated initial oil deliveries, with plans to scale up to 3 million tons within two years.

The expansion of the Shymkent refinery will elevate its capacity from 6 to 12 million tons per year, adequately meeting the domestic market's demands for fuels and lubricants.

In the gas sector, newly commissioned fields include Rozhkovskoye, South Aksay, and Anabay with recoverable reserves exceeding 31 billion cubic meters of gas. The medium-term outlook anticipates the launch of Central Urikhtau, Prorva West, and Kalamkas gas fields, contributing a total of 69 billion cubic meters of gas.

Simultaneously, progress is being made on gas processing plants at Kashagan, Karachaganak, and Zhanaozen. Planned projects include the 2nd and 3rd stages of the Saryarka gas pipeline, the Aktobe-Kostanay gas pipeline, and the 2nd string of the Beineu-Bozoy-Shymkent gas pipeline.

In oil and gas chemistry, the construction of the $1 billion Butadiene project is set to commence this year. Concurrently, other major investment projects are ongoing for the production of polyethylene, polyethylene terephthalate, and urea in the Atyrau and Aktobe regions, totaling $13.7 billion.

Within the power sector, endeavors are directed at eradicating deficits and establishing advanced capacities for the economy. In 2023, approximately 500 MW of capacities were commissioned, followed by an additional 825 MW in 2024 under 14 projects, including 12 renewable energy projects generating 260 MW.

Thermal power plants with maneuverable generation modes are under construction in the Turkistan, Almaty, and Kyzylorda regions. Simultaneously, preparations are underway for the modernization of the 3rd and 4th power units at Ekibastuz GRES-2 power station, along with the construction of GRES-3 power station. Furthermore, plans include the construction of new CHPs in Kokshetau, Semey, and Oskemen.

Collaborating with Total, Masdar, Acwa Power, and Unigreen Energy, efforts are in progress to implement renewable energy projects with a total capacity of 4 GW.

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