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Astana, Kazakhstan • 02 February, 2024 | 15:54
1 min read

Ambassador Names Conditions to Launch Kazakhstan–US Flights

The planned launch date is 2025

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Collage by QazMonitor
Collage by QazMonitor

Direct flights between Kazakhstan and the US depend on Kazakh airlines acquiring suitable aircraft types, said the American Ambassador, Daniel Rosenblum, QazMonitor reports citing Kazinform news agency.

"We would like to open direct flights. We support this idea, but unfortunately, it is a very complicated process. Airlines must have the appropriate aircraft, and Air Astana does not have it yet. They are in the process of acquisition, but it will take time," said Rosenblum to the press.

The Ambassador mentioned that the target date for launching direct flights between our countries is around 2025. However, he emphasized that this process involves numerous checks and procedures, which must be conducted by aviation authorities, including the US Federal Aviation Administration.

In January 2022, the Upper House of Parliament ratified the agreement between the governments of Kazakhstan and the US, setting the legal foundation for opening direct flights. This agreement outlined flight regulations, allowing both countries to conduct flights without restrictions on the number of airlines, destinations, and frequencies. This includes the utilization of the Fifth Freedom of the Air for passenger transportation.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Boeing postponed delivering aircraft that meet US requirements to Kazakh airlines until 2025.

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