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Astana, Kazakhstan • 23 August, 2022 | 11:06
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More Than 100,000 Russians Live in Kazakhstan as of March 30

Deputy Minister of Labor says there is no 'critical' influx

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Qazaqstan Monitor: More Than 100,000 Russians Live in Kazakhstan as of March 30

Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Protection of Kazakhstan Yerzhan Birzhanov announced in a briefing the number of Russian citizens who have arrived in Kazakhstan in 2022 with the purpose of employment, Liter reports.

Comments and Concerns

As of March 30, more than 101,000 Russians are living in Kazakhstan, of whom 6,350 indicated that they came for work. The vice minister said that this data is for the year 2022.

He compared the numbers with last year’s statistics. In 2021, 18,800 Russians immigrated in search of work. "So far, there is no critical influx of Russians today.”

Birzhanov claimed the mounting concern among citizens about losing jobs to the incoming foreigners to be unfounded. He believes there are positive aspects of the situation.

“Those who are coming are qualified specialists from major IT companies. Let’s take the relocation of InDriver’s CEO to Kazakhstan as an example. We are receiving an influx of people with different knowledges and skills. Why are we afraid of that?” Yerzhan Birzhanov mused.

As of now, the country hosted seminars and coaching events to develop the skillset of its own professionals, but officials claim that those cost 'a lot of money'. They believe that it is better for large companies with qualified personnel to come here and share their experiences on the job.

“[Foreign specialists] can open businesses, create additional jobs and pay taxes. Visiting specialists are more focused on consulting, IT directions, development of IT solutions, and information security. All of this will have a positive impact on Astana Hub and other projects that will progress at a faster pace. It is necessary to look for the pluses." 

Separately, Birzhanov emphasized that the Ministry "keeps track of the current situation including the number of people arriving, evaluates the purpose of the incoming foreign nationals in Kazakhstan, whether they comply with the terms of their stay, and so on".

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