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Astana, Kazakhstan • 17 January, 2024 | 15:48
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Kazakhstan, Japan to Partner on Advanced Environmental Monitoring Solutions

The collaboration will enable the monitoring of areas from space even in unfavorable conditions

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On January 12, 2024, a business forum and B2B meetings dedicated to GX (green transformation) and DX (digital transformation) opportunities were held within the framework of the visit of the Japanese business delegation to the Republic of Kazakhstan, the press service of Digital and Space Ministry reports.

The joint event is set to inject new momentum into the existing trade and economic relations between the businesses of the two countries, serving as a platform for expanding the pool of potential partners.

Over 200 Kazakh companies and approximately 60 representatives of the Japanese government and businesses participated in the Kazakhstan-Japan Business Forum.

As part of the forum, a ceremony was held to sign several memorandums of cooperation between companies.

For instance, Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary and Synscpective company inked a memorandum of understanding for joint research and development of new applications using radar satellites to monitor natural disasters and infrastructure. This collaboration will enable the monitoring of areas from space even at night and in cloudy weather.

Japan possesses and primarily works on radar space imagery processing technologies. Our specialists are skilled in working with radar technologies, and in collaboration with the Japanese company, we are ready to embark on new projects.

Aidyn Aimbetov, Chairman of the board of NC Kazakhstan Gharysh Sapary

Naoshi Hirose, Chairman of the Japan-Kazakhstan Committee on Economic Cooperation, expressed optimism about the current forum on green and digital transformation. He sees it as a new branch for cooperation related to global climate change, a common challenge that can be addressed by combining Japanese advanced technologies with the potential of Kazakhstan. Hirose is confident that promising projects lie ahead, not only in digital transformation in IT but also in the use of information technology to solve social problems, combining Japanese industry know-how with Kazakhstan's potential.

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