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Astana, Kazakhstan • 04 January, 2024 | 16:19
1 min read

How Many Regional IT Hubs Are Operating in Kazakhstan?

Digital and Space Ministry shared insights into the activities conducted by regional hubs since their establishment

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Collage by QazMonitor
Collage by QazMonitor

As of January 4, 2024, twelve regional IT hubs, strategically located across Kazakhstan, showcased 194 startup ideas and organized 784 events to foster innovation and offer training for IT professionals, QazMonitor reports citing the Digital and Space Ministry.

Currently, twelve regional IT hubs are officially open and operating successfully. These hubs include Abai IT Valley (Semey), Kyzylorda Hub (Kyzylorda), Digital Jetisu (Taldykorgan), Zhambyl Hub (Taraz), Oskemen IT Hub (Oskemen), Jaiq Hub (Uralsk), Turkistan IT Hub (Turkistan), Qostanai IT Hub (Kostanay), Aqtobe IT Hub (Aktobe), Pavlodar Hub (Pavlodar), Aqmola IT Hub (Kokshetau), and Terricon Valley (Karaganda). The map presented by the Ministry reveals plans to launch five more hubs: Shymkent Hub, Qonaev IT Hub, Mangystau IT Hub, Atyrau IT Hub, and Ulytau IT Hub.

These hubs have hosted a total of 784 events, engaging 24,702 participants across Kazakhstan. Additionally, they facilitated seven forums on information and communication technologies to encourage further interaction and collaboration. Integral to the tech sector's growth, eight new IT schools have been successfully integrated into the TechOrda program, which is expected to contribute to the development and growth of these educational institutions.

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