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Astana, Kazakhstan • 28 March, 2022 | 11:04
2 min read

Founder of Tengrinews Batyr Kazybayev Passes Away at 53

President Tokayev expressed condolences to his family

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Founder of Tengrinews and head of Alash Media Group Batyr Kazybayev has passed away at age 53 due to complications of prolonged illness, Tengrinews reports.

Batyr Kazybayev was born into the family of the famous journalist and writer Kakimzhan Kazybayev, who worked in senior positions in the editorial boards of regional and national newspapers and was Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Kazakhstan. Batyr Kazybaev followed in his father's footsteps and chose a career in journalism and became a successful media manager.

Batyr Kazybaev managed the media holding that includes the news platforms, and; radio stations Zhuldyz FM and Retro FM Kazakhstan; STV television channel; and was behind the creation of "Seventh Channel". He also founded and launched different socio-cultural projects, like the festival of ethnic music The Spirit of Tengri, and the 2014 "Winners" project, a database on Kazakh veterans of the Great Patriotic War.

"He was a man of strong spirit with a big heart. He was humble, intelligent, and with a keen sense of justice. He always supported his workers, shared his experience and wisdom. He tried to help everybody, was the soul of our company and a generator of ideas. Our respect and admiration for him were boundless. We will try to preserve his legacy by continuing his work and carrying his values and ideals." 

Tengrinews employees

President Tokayev expressed his condolences to Kazybayev's mother, prominent writer and teacher Orynsha Karabalina, according to Tokayev's press secretary Berik Uali.

"Your son Batyr Kakimzhanovich made big contributions to the field of information, as he successfully implemented a number of major media projects. As the founder of domestic information portals, radio, and television channels, he made a significant contribution to the development of journalism in Kazakhstan. He was highly valued and respected for his modesty, creativity, and business acumen. The bright image of Batyr Kakimzhanovich, who devoted his entire life to his business, in which he was a professional of the highest level, will forever remain in our hearts." 

President Tokayev

The editorial board of QazMonitor expresses its sincere condolences to the family and friends of Batyr Kazybaev.

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