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Astana, Kazakhstan • 16 December, 2023 | 20:16
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Independence Day: President Tokayev Praises Unity and Progress in Kazakhstan

Today, Kazakhstan is commemorating the 32nd anniversary of Independence

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Today, December 16, Kazakhstan is celebrating Independence Day — a symbol of the indestructible unity of our people; it symbolizes freedom and the independent development of Kazakhstan in new historical conditions, says President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev in the congratulatory message.

"On this significant day, we pay tribute to the national heroes who played an outstanding role in realizing our ancestors' dream of a sovereign state. Independence opened new horizons for our country. It was after the proclamation of independence that the process of diplomatic recognition of Kazakhstan began, turning it into a robust subject of international law. Independence is above all! Our duty to past and future generations is to preserve and protect sacred independence as the greatest value underlying the well-being and prosperity of the nation," the Head of State said.

He emphasized that the country is following its strategic course, strengthening statehood step by step.

"The launched profound transformations in all spheres of life have opened a new chapter in our centuries-old historical chronicle. We are building a Just Kazakhstan—a country of equal opportunities and progress. And we will certainly achieve this high goal, relying on values such as unity and stability, law and order, responsibility and solidarity, the cult of knowledge, and labor. I wish everyone good health, happiness, and success! May the flag of our Motherland always fly! May our independence grow stronger!"

concluded the President.
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