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Astana, Kazakhstan • 15 December, 2023 | 12:15

Kazakh Farmers to Implement Australian Livestock Farming Methods in Pilot Project

Five major companies will participate in the project for the construction and modernization of facilities using modern Australian technologies

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Following a recent working trip to Australia, Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Serik Zhumangarin, alongside livestock farm leaders, discussed the pilot project aimed at adopting Australian livestock management methods, QazMonitor reports citing the Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan.

Five companies - Olzha Agro LLP, Terra LLP, Karasu-Astyk LLP, Qaiyp-Ata LLP, and Kaiyndy LLP - have committed to the pilot project, aiming to construct and modernize existing facilities by implementing contemporary Australian technologies.

The initiatives span various aspects, such as establishing a breeding farm for 2,500 heads, a feeding ground for 5,000, and a processing facility (Olzha Agro LLP, Kostanay region). The projects also entail constructing a mega feeding ground for 100,000 heads and implementing irrigation on 1,200 hectares (Terra Group LLP, Zhambyl region). Furthermore, there are plans for the modernization of a meat processing plant, incorporating green technologies for biogas, electricity, and fertilizer production (Karasu-Astyk LLP, Kostanay region).

Other initiatives include cultivating fodder crops, creating a livestock exchange, and establishing a meat processing plant with advanced waste processing (Qaiyp-Ata LLP, Turkistan region). Additionally, efforts are underway to construct and expand feeding grounds in Zhetysu (Kaiyndy LLP).

The pilot's initial stage involves a detailed analysis and audit of agricultural conditions and facilities, with a team of international specialists assisting Kazakh agrarians.

The second stage includes developing financial models and business plans, with implementation set for the spring of 2024, given that some participants have prior experience working with Australian technologies.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Agriculture is crafting a three-year Roadmap for the development of meat livestock farming. The plan emphasizes the establishment of modern, export-oriented meat processing plants and feeding grounds, utilizing advanced technologies to enhance livestock weight gain and reduce the period required to reach optimal weight conditions.

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