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Astana, Kazakhstan • 08 December, 2023 | 16:04

Water Resources Ministry Dispels Water Shortage Concerns in Kazakhstan

The ministry states that only 1% of resources are allocated to provide drinking water to the population

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Unsplash/Luis Tosta
Unsplash/Luis Tosta

In response to an inquiry from Sergey Ponomarev, a deputy of the lower house of Parliament, the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation assured that water shortages are out of the question, QazMonitor reports citing the Ministry’s press service.

According to Bolat Bekniyaz, the Vice Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation, a water reserve of 102.3 cubic kilometers is collected annually on the territory of Kazakhstan. Out of this, 1.2 cubic kilometers, or more than 1% of the total water volume, is allocated to provide the population with drinking water.

The annual water consumption for the economy is approximately 25 cubic kilometers, with 65% directed towards agricultural needs and 25% towards industrial needs.

"According to all regulations, and as stated in the Water Code, ensuring the provision of drinking water to our citizens takes precedence. Over the next two years, we plan to establish a centralized water supply system for all regions of the country. Regardless of natural conditions, such as climate change or the reduction of transboundary water resources, there will be no shortage of drinking water. This is because the volume of drinking water required by the population is only 1% of the total annual water supply," said Bekniyaz.

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