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Astana, Kazakhstan • 30 November, 2023 | 10:14
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Kazakhstan Joins SCO Agreement on Mutual Promotion of Tourism

The agreement outlines several areas of cooperation in tourism among the SCO members

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On November 23, Kazakhstan joined the agreement of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization on cooperation and mutual promotion of tourism. The government ratified the agreement made between the SCO members in Samarkand on September 16, 2022, QazMonitor reports.

The document outlines several areas of cooperation as follows:

  • Promotion of tourist brands of the SCO members through the organization of international conferences, forums, seminars, exhibitions, as well as media and online publications

  • Organization of various tourism development activities, including seminars, conferences, business meetings, joint research and symposiums, systematic exchange of scientific and educational materials

  • Participation in tourism fairs, forums, and exhibitions held within the SCO

  • Encouragement of the development of health tourism cooperation and the introduction of effective modern technologies in tourism

  • Organization of mutual study tours for representatives of tourism organizations and media of the SCO members

  • Assistance in cooperation between the parties in attracting investments for further development of tourism to create tourist infrastructure and quality service based on international standards, including in remote areas

  • Reinforcing work on the joint promotion of tourist products and specific tourist routes

  • Encouraging the application of visa facilitation measures within the SCO to increase mutual tourist flows

  • Assistance in personnel training and organization of internships for representatives of the tourism industry through the exchange of experience by specialists from interested parties

  • Exchange of information and experience in the field of tourism, including the creation of tourist destinations and recreational zones, as well as information on investment benefits correspondent to the legislation of the states

  • Dissemination of tourist publications and other information materials, including audio and video materials, advertising the tourist potential within the national legislation of the SCO members

  • Strengthening cooperation in tourism within the framework of international organizations

Each party shall take measures to protect the rights and legitimate interests while ensuring the safety of tourists staying in the territory of the state of the other party.

The five-year agreement enters into force starting from the date of receipt by the depositary of the last necessary written notification on the fulfillment of domestic procedures. The agreement renews automatically for subsequent five-year periods, open for accession by any state wishing to accede to it by transmitting the instrument of accession to the depositary.

The agreement entered into force on the date of its signature.

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