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Astana, Kazakhstan • 17 November, 2023 | 15:33

Kazakhstan to Establish Information Center on Transboundary Water Bodies

The international project will involve Central Asian states, with a pilot project launching under the initiative for restoring the Aral Sea

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Unsplash/Gabor Koszegi
Unsplash/Gabor Koszegi

On November 17, Water Minister Nurzhan Nurzhigitov announced the draft for the national 2024-2030 Concept of Water Resources Management System Development during a briefing at the Central Communications Service in Astana. The document will be submitted for governmental approval in December, QazMonitor reports.

The draft entails the interstate development of an automated water accounting system on transboundary water bodies in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. The pilot project for calculating water volume will be conducted in the Syr Darya river basin within the Kyzylorda region under the initiative for restoring the northern part of the Aral Sea.

"It will allow us to present data on water resources online, model flood conditions based on a hydrometeorological monitoring system, and analyze data on transboundary water bodies," said Nurzhigitov.

Additionally, the plan includes the restoration of the state groundwater monitoring network, with the new edition of the Water Code introducing the formation and development of a nationwide water conservation policy. Furthermore, the document addresses the issue of attracting investments into the industry.

In the new edition of the Water Code, one of the main principles of investment policy is planned to be introduced – stimulation of investment attraction through public-private partnership. [The Ministry also plans to introduce] the amendments to the rules of subsidizing reimbursement of part of the costs incurred by entities in the agro-industrial complex for their investments.

Nurzhan Nurzhigitov, Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation
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