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Astana, Kazakhstan • 18 March, 2022 | 09:53
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CIS Countries to Exchange Personal Data Identifying Dual Citizens

Newly ratified agreement to help in case of criminal liability

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On Thursday during the plenary session, the Senate adopted a law "On ratification of the Agreement on mutual legal assistance on administrative issues in the exchange of personal data", writes

Legal actions

The First Deputy Interior Minister Marat Kozhayev highlighted that the CIS member states will be able to exchange information to identify dual citizens and real estate and even take legal or administrative actions.

"Ratification of the agreement will allow receiving information from the Commonwealth countries about the presence or absence of citizenship, identity documents issued, persons on the migration registry; visas issued to foreigners to enter and stay in these countries, real estate or property obligations; and criminal or administrative liability. This is especially relevant as part of the ongoing work to find instances of dual citizenship."

First Deputy Interior Minister Marat Kozhayev

In addition, according to him, the agreement creates additional conditions to confirm the identity of the person in case of loss of identity documents obtained in another country; to establish the place of residence of a person abroad. In this case, information on the prosecution of persons for administrative or criminal offenses can be used in the provision of legal aid.

"The request for this information by authorized bodies will be made by sending inquiries. In this case, the deadline for responses may not exceed two months from the date of its receipt," added the first deputy minister.

Along with this, the agreement specifies the terms of confidentiality and restrictions on the use of information, as well as the grounds for refusal to provide information.

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