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Astana, Kazakhstan • 16 October, 2023 | 17:28

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Informs about Kazakh Citizens in Israel and Gaza Strip

No information about deaths or injuries among the citizens has been recorded, said Aibek Smadiyarov

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The press secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Aibek Smadiyarov, spoke about the situation regarding Kazakh citizens in Israel and the Gaza Strip, QazMonitor reports citing the MFA's press service.

Smadiyarov mentioned that the Ministry is taking measures to organize the departure of Kazakh citizens from the conflict zone. To address this issue, embassies in Israel, Egypt, and Jordan have been actively involved. On October 16, more than 100 citizens of Kazakhstan applied to the Kazakh embassy in Israel, seeking assistance in leaving the country.

"Some of them have already left the country independently with the assistance of Kazakhstan's diplomats. Yesterday, the departure of 19 of our citizens was organized, including 15 children who were attending special education programs. Diplomats ensured the safe transfer of these children from various regions of Israel to the airport. The Embassy continues to coordinate with compatriots on departure issues and the purchase of air tickets," Smadiyarov stated.

According to the spokesperson, Tel Aviv International Airport continues to operate normally.

"The situation in the Gaza Strip remains very complex. Kazakh embassies in Egypt and Jordan are in contact with our citizens in the area. We hold daily negotiations with local authorities about the potential departure of our compatriots and their families. This involves more than 100 people, 67 of whom are citizens of Kazakhstan, [looking to leave] the Gaza Strip for Egypt through the Rafah crossing. In addition to Kazakhstan, embassies from 45 countries are engaged in similar negotiations. It should be noted that some of our compatriots and their family members, who are foreign citizens, do not have proper documentation. Kazakhstani diplomats are actively working to resolve these and other organizational issues," said Aibek Smadiyarov.

He added that the embassies in Israel, Jordan, and Egypt are monitoring the whereabouts of Kazakh citizens and exploring possible departure routes to safe zones.

 Relevant contact information for communicating with compatriots is constantly updated. There is no information about deaths or injuries among the citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

the MFA spokesperson reported
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