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Astana, Kazakhstan • 10 July, 2023 | 10:56
1 min read

Domestic Vocational Institutions Introduced Diplomas with QR Codes

This is to ensure the documents' authenticity by providing information about graduates online

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Qazaqstan Monitor: Domestic Vocational Institutions Introduced Diplomas with QR Codes

Vocational institutions in Kazakhstan have recently implemented the issuance of diplomas with a QR code on the letterhead, as a measure to ensure authenticity and prevent fraudulent activities, QazMonitor reports citing the ministry of education.

Aibat Ilyasov, the vice minister of education, said that the QR codes will serve as hyperlinks to the official webpage, displaying information about the diploma holder, the educational institution, and the details of the document from the National Educational Database.

"QR code will contain essential data that can identify the graduate, including their full name, organization name, year of entry/graduation, profession and qualification, training format, diploma series, and number," said Ilyasov.

Furthermore, starting from July 6, digital formats of diplomas from professional technical schools will be available on the e-Government official webpage, eGov Mobile app, and through second-level bank applications if integrated. Graduates will have the option to access the digital diploma through a QR code or transfer the available information in digital form to organizations and individuals.

It is estimated that in 2023, over 140,000 college graduates will receive diplomas with QR codes.

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