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Astana, Kazakhstan • 05 July, 2023 | 14:49

Power Failure at MAEC Leaves Western Kazakhstan in Blackout

As of July 4, the power supply to the settlements of the Mangystau and Atyrau regions was restored

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On July 3, 130 MW power unit №1 at the Mangystau Atomic Energy Complex (MAEC), located near the city of Aktau, experienced an emergency shutdown, resulting in a sudden energy loss across the Western power grid, leaving the Mangystau and Atyrau regions in a blackout, QazMonitor reports citing the ministry of energy.

The frequency in the Western power grid dropped to 48.6 Hz, leading the local authorities to implement power supply restrictions on industrial enterprises and selected settlements. At 5:25 p.m., the power failure affected the Atyrau Oil Refinery, resulting in an emergency shutdown of its technical and auxiliary facilities.

On the same day, at 7:22 p.m., the local Atyrau power grid was synchronized with the Western power grid, and at 8:36 p.m., power supply restrictions for the settlements were reportedly lifted as the Mangystau region also become synchronized.

The Atyrau Oil Refinery released a statement providing an update on the current situation.

"To prevent an emergency situation, the plant's fuel network is being directed to the flare stacks in accordance with technological regulations until the external power supply system is fully stabilized. Additional updates will be provided regarding the troubleshooting process," stated the refinery.

The ministry emphasized that the Shymkent Oil Refinery is partially operational, and the country has sufficient fuel reserves until the Shymkent and Pavlodar refineries complete their repairs.

On July 4 at 10:15 a.m., it was reported that the power supply to the Atyrau Oil Refinery has been restored, and the operational staff has initiated the start-up of general plant facilities and energy supply.

The current situation at the MAEC remains unclear, as the repair process for power unit №1 can only commence on July 5 after the unit has cooled down. Power supply restrictions for industrial enterprises in the Mangystau region remain in force.

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