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Astana, Kazakhstan • 18 April, 2023 | 14:06

CPC Resumes Transshipment of Kazakh Oil After Planned Shutdown

The operator disclosed the work on the pipeline’s systems and commissioned two new reservoirs

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On April 14 at 10:00 a.m. Astana time (GMT+6), the Caspian Pipeline Consortium (CPC) completed the 72-hour shutdown and resumed the transshipment of Kazakh oil, QazMonitor reports citing the operator’s press service.

The company has released a statement disclosing inspections on various systems, including oil pumping stations and the Marine Terminal, as well as ongoing capital projects on pipeline equipment that can only be carried out during shutdowns.

Specialists inspected the emergency and block protections, replaced and repaired several sections of the pipeline system. Specifically, at the Atyrau oil pumping station, they carried out the scheduled replacement of ball valves and modernized the power supply system. Work was also conducted to upgrade the fire and gas detection system at the Tengiz oil pumping station.

In addition, as part of the work on bridging the system’s bottlenecks, construction work was completed on two new 20,000-cubic-meter reservoirs.

The Marine Terminal is currently fully operational.

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