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Astana, Kazakhstan • 17 February, 2023 | 13:52
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Kazakhstan Revised Rules for Issuing IIN to Foreign Citizens

Foreign nationals and stateless persons can apply for correction

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Government for Citizens
Government for Citizens

The ministry of international affairs ordered to make amendments to the rules for issuing individual identification numbers (IIN) to foreign nationals and stateless persons temporarily staying in Kazakhstan, QazMonitor reports.

According to the changes, foreign nationals may apply for a correction of their IIN in case of technical issues. The service should be provided by territorial police bodies at "Government for Citizens" public service centers or via the e-government website.

In order to correct an IIN, the person (or their legal representative) must apply to the service provider through the state corporation at the place of residence by submitting an application with documents attached.

An operator of the Ministry of Internal Affairs checks incoming applications. If the application is accepted, it carries out the procedure of formation or correction of IIN.

The grounds for refusal of the state service are as follows:

– the unreliability of documents or their contents submitted by the applicant

– the applicant's data and information, necessary for receiving public service, do not meet the requirements of the rules

– when the applicant's previously registered IIN has been found (exceptions include cases when the IIN has been adjusted).

The rules comes into force on February 25, 2023.

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