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Astana, Kazakhstan • 23 January, 2023 | 16:52

Kazakhstan Has Begun Legalizing Foreign Vehicles

The Ministry of Internal Affairs outlined the application process

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Kazakhstan’s ministry of internal affairs has announced that the country has started the legalization of foreign cars from January 23, QazMonitor reports.

Vehicles eligible for legalization include foreign-registered cars, small and medium-sized buses, small trucks, and right-hand drive cars imported by citizens of Kazakhstan.

To apply for the legalization of their vehicles, applicants must prepare a list of documents that can be submitted online or in person. Once the documents are registered in the database, the result will be sent via text message. If the car is subject to legalization, the next step will be to pay the legal fees.

Then, the vehicle owner must submit a technical passport and documents confirming ownership of the property to the Population Service Center. After the registration is approved, the owner is assigned a registration document issued by the Republic of Kazakhstan and a state license plate.

The legalization process will last until July 1, 2023.

Rules for legalizing your vehicle

The car must have been imported into Kazakhstan before September 1, 2022.

Must not be registered with a criminal record.

Must be deregistered at the place of previous registration in another country.

A car imported from countries outside the Eurasian Economic Union must undergo customs clearance.

Where to apply

E-government website,

Mobile applications of second-tier banks

at the "Connection point" of the Population Service Centers

Documents required to legalize your vehicle

Application form

Document proving the identity of the applicant

Passport of the vehicle or certificate of registration

Document confirming the ownership of the vehicle


Initial registration: ₸200,000

Technical passport: ₸4,313

State license plate: ₸9,660

They signed a document on the guaranteed supply.

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