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Astana, Kazakhstan • 20 January, 2023 | 14:38
2 min read

Kazakhstan’s Light Industry Production Amounted to ₸178B in 2022

Six projects worth ₸9.9 billion were implemented last year

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By the end of 2022, the volume of light industry production in Kazakhstan grew by 6% and amounted to ₸178 billion, QazMonitor reports citing the press service of the ministry of industry and infrastructural development.

According to the report by the ministry, growth was observed in all subindustries – textile by 5.3%, clothing by 7.8%, leather and related products by 3.7%. The government views the light industry as a social priority, as it provides high employment for the population. As such, considerable attention is paid to new projects – six projects worth ₸9.9 billion were implemented in 2022, creating more than 560 workplaces.

For the 2022-2025 period, the government has approved the roadmap for the development of the light industry. This document outlines measures to improve the regulatory framework, development and processing of the raw material base, the capacity of domestic producers, as well as the introduction of global practices and export development.

The ministry also provided a brief overview of some of the last year’s projects.

Located in the special economic zone Ontustik in Shymkent, Bal Tekstil opened its fourth workshop. The company specializes in the production of carpets, and the new facility will create about 40 new jobs. The allocated investment is ₸2.5 billion.

Currently, the enterprise outputs 4,000 tons of polypropylene yarn a year and more than 5 million square meters of carpets and carpet products. The production lineup has more than 1,500 unique designs, including Kazakh national motifs, postmodernism, high-tech, avant-garde and others.

The company supplies different brands – TURAN, Khan Tengri, ALATAU, Bars and others. All of them comply with the world quality certificate ISO 9001-2009.

Another Shymkent-based enterprise, Azala Cotton has started the production of blended yarn, which led to the creation of 200 jobs. Established in 2017, Azala Cotton specializes in the production of carded and combed cotton yarn. The company supplies high-quality yarns to markets in Eastern Europe, Russia, Turkey and China.

А-textile, an Aktobe-based textile company, expanded its production and created 130 jobs. Established in 2020, the enterprise provides customers with quality products that undergo multi-level inspection for compliance with national standards.

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