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Astana, Kazakhstan • 22 December, 2022 | 17:17

Nomad Stunts to Direct Action Scenes in New Netflix Movie

The film production will take place in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan

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Nomad Stunts will participate in a new full-length historical film about the founder of the Timurid Empire, Tamerlane, which will be released on Netflix, QazMonitor reports.

“We have already participated in projects for Netflix, but our group specialists will be fully responsible for the entire action for the first time,” said Zhaidarbek Kunguzhinov, director of Nomad Stunts.

The team will also be responsible for training foreign actors.

The preparation period is scheduled for January–March 2023 and the actual filming will take place between April and May.

Jacob Schwartz, the movie director, commented: “What Nomad Stunts does is not just a set of stunts, it is a stand-alone storytelling that can fully convey the whole story. We've been to their training session and are still impressed.”

I hope that together we can tell Tamerlane's story and make it interesting for Western viewers. Local stories are gaining popularity right now, and I would like our film to help build a bridge between Western and Eastern audiences.

Jacob Schwartz, movie director

The outdoor scenes will be shot in Kazakhstan, while the indoor scenes in Uzbekistan. The creators of the film intend to involve other specialists including Kazakh cameramen, costume designers, and administrative staff in the production.

“We have worked very hard to attract foreign production companies to Kazakhstan," said Kunguzhinov.

"Unfortunately, after filming the first season of Marco Polo back in 2014, big studios practically never came to us. It's very valuable for us to know that the situation is changing now thanks to the reputation and professionalism of our group. Of course, this is a great responsibility.”

The film will be Nomad Stunts’ third project for Netflix. The other two are the Marco Polo series and "The Letter for the King" (2021).

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