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Astana, Kazakhstan • 12 December, 2022 | 16:58

Sezual Developed Disability-Friendly Eco System

The team has received several offers from the US and South Africa

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The team at Sezual has created a number of devices that enables people with special needs to navigate their surroundings, QazMonitor reports citing the press service of the ministry of science and higher education.

One of the technologies introduced by the Sezual team is a Braille learning device that helps children with visual impairments to learn and read in any language. It has already been implemented in one of the schools for children with special needs in Atyrau, as well as the region’s library and Society of the Blind.

Sezual’s Auto team has created a driving-assisting device for people in wheelchairs. One of the solution’s users is Sabina Kasymova, a Kazakh para dance champion. The team is currently negotiating to introduce the technology throughout the country.

Zuzu Locomotion is a spine restoration treatment technology that does not require surgery or conservative treatment methods. As of now, it has been introduced in one of the capital’s clinics.

"The goal of the Sezual team is to create a comfortable environment for people with disabilities. We want our inventions to become accessible to people in need all around Kazakhstan. We are currently doing everything in our power to launch mass domestic production," shared CEO of Sezual Nurbek Yensebayev.

The technologies were included in the top innovations of the European Council and received three top nominations of the UN’s WSA 2022 Award.

Special schools from Texas and Massachusetts in the U.S. have sent requests to the Sezual team regarding technology sharing. The team also received supply requests for the Braille device and biolocator from the Republic of South Africa.

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