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Astana, Kazakhstan • 17 October, 2022 | 08:28
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Dimash’s Talent Reaches Antarctica

Staff at the Argentinean research station were mesmerized by the Kazakh artist’s singing

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La Era Dimash radio broadcasted the songs of the famous Kazakh singer to the staff of the Argentinean research station in Antarctica, QazMonitor reports citing Dimashnews.

Established by the Argentinean fan club “Dimash’s Dears Argentina” in 2020, the 24-hour station is dedicated to the idea of cultural exchange through the songs of Dimash Kudaibergen.

Head of the radio station Paola Profeta described the station’s journey until now.

“When the radio station first went on the air, we felt very happy. Every day the list of countries where La Era Dimash was broadcast grew larger and larger. Among them were some that we hadn’t heard of before. Now, two years later, our radio broadcasts in 96 countries,” she said.

On October 11, they interviewed the staff of LRA36 radio working from the Esperanza research station, located in the far north of Antarctica.

Researchers working at the Argentinean station talked to the La Era’s host about their challenging but interesting work on the frozen continent. Claudia Albarracin, Maria Eugenia Rodriguez, Romina Zabalza, and Mariela Churkina said that the broadcast reached their station and they got a chance to hear the Kazakh artist.

“When we first heard Dimash’s voice, we were truly mesmerized. He has beautiful songs and an undeniable talent!” they shared.

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