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Astana, Kazakhstan • 26 October, 2022 | 09:56

How Long Do You Need to Work to Buy an iPhone?

Kazakhstan has shown a yearly decline in the number of workdays required

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Analysts at Picodi compared local iPhone 14 Pro prices to wages around the world and calculated the smartphone cost expressed in working days, QazMonitor reports .

In the fifth edition of the review, the basic package of iPhone 14 Pro with 128 GB costs ₸699,990, and according to the official data, the average wage in Kazakhstan is ₸312,011, or ₸251,401 with taxes. Therefore, the average person must work 58.5 days to earn money for an iPhone 14 Pro.

The iPhone 2022 Index was calculated based on the official iPhone 14 Pro prices reported at regional Apple stores or authorized retailers. Note that this calculation is made with the assumption that the buyer saves all earned money just for the purchase.

Average wage information was taken from government statistics and was valid at the time iPhone prices were published in the country. After-tax wages have been calculated using local wage calculators.

The Picodi team divided the monthly salary by 21, the average number of working days in a month. The amount of income was divided by 5 in countries where statistical offices use weekly rates.

The index for Kazakhstan shows a steady decline in the number of days over the five years: it was 86 workdays in 2018, 76.5 days in 2019, 74.6 days in 2020, 62.8 in 2021, and 58.5 days in the current year.

In comparison with first-place holder Switzerland, the average Swiss resident requires only 4.6 workdays to get a new iPhone. The US follows in second with 5.7 days required and Australia closes off the top three with 6.1 days.

Among the countries included in the list, the worst result is shown by Tajikistan with 179.5 days. Turkey and the Kyrzyz Republic follow with 146.7 and 136.3, respectively.

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