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’Horrible lipsync’ or ‘Best since Whitney Houston?’ Dimash’s Performance Divides Audience

The Kazakh artist is being criticized for lip-syncing the national anthem at GGG-Canelo fight

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Dimash Kudaibergen’s dramatic performance of Kazakhstan’s national anthem garnered mixed reactions from Kazakh and international audiences who tuned in to watch the third match between Gennadiy Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, QazMonitor reports.

The Kazakh singer is known for his larger-than-life stage presence, using his whole body to channel the sheer power and range of his voice. This time around, his wild gesticulations and theatrical facial expressions sparked a debate, with some viewers deeming his movements exaggerated and scrutinizing his noticeable lip-syncing.

Most fans, however, are happy that Dimash’s talent is being recognized overseas.

“Let more and more people know what a great artist and wonderful person #Dimash is. I'm a little jealous of those who are just getting acquainted with his work And I'm glad I've been listening to this beautiful voice for more than two and a half years. SOS is my first encounter with him”.

The international crowd, on the other hand, seemed to echo that sentiment as well.

“This man just absolutely crushed the Kazakh national anthem. Seriously, nobody has gone harder on an anthem since Whitney Houston.”

“But what's this?

I was coming to see the Canelo fight and I ended up enchanted with the Kazakh singer! I've never heard such an amazing voice!!!! #Dimash @dimash_official”

However, some international viewers criticized Dimash for evident lip-syncing.

“That is the worst lip syncing I've ever witnessed #CaneloGGG3”

“This Kazakhstan anthem goes hard but the guy singing it is doing a very bad job of selling this lip sync. #CaneloGGG3”

“When lip syncing it's important that the mic is on when you try to talk into it at the end. Oops. #CaneloGGG3”

Others drew attention to the traditional chapan that Dimash was wearing on the stage, comparing it to the vampire attire.

“Big flex having a vampire sing your national anthem #GGGVSCANELO3 #GGGCanelo @GGGBoxing”

With all the praise and negativity, some wished for a different thing entirely.

“Hopefully soon the two flags will be together, Mexico and Kazakhstan in a concert in Mexico [City] by @kudaibergenov.dimash #dimashdear #dimash @kanat_sveta_aitbayevtar”

Dimash Kudaibergen
Las Vegas