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Astana, Kazakhstan • 04 November, 2022 | 13:44
2 min read

From Y2K to VHS Punk. Streetwear From Small Kazakh Brands

Four clothing stores you should visit to reinvent your aesthetic

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If you are stuck choosing a souvenir from your trip, remember that you cannot go wrong with a T-shirt or a hoodie. For this week’s selection of perfect travel gifts, QazMonitor made a handy list of Kazakh brands that specialize in various styles of streetwear. Here you will find everything from hoodies to evening wear, capturing the idea of punk nomads in the retro-futuristic world.

DILLnPILL - the spirit of 2000s

Imagine yourself casually walking down the street. You are the center of attention, yet you are somewhere in your own world, feeling the music from your headphones course through your body. You are in your element.

Dill&Pill’s latest spring collection toys with the idea of dizzying patterns that ditches the idea of perfection, letting the wearer to get lost in the city vibe. You see that care-free spirit on each design of their tie-dyed hoodies, which are individually hand-painted.

The prices range from ₸9,000 for t-shirts to ₸43,000 for corduroy jackets.

ROXWEAR: Post-Post-Soviet state of mind in Central Asia

ROXWEAR is one of those brands that live to grab attention. You can love it or hate it - either way it sticks strong to its purpose and wears its philosophy proudly on its sleeves.

The founder Roxana Adilbekova wanted to go beyond the bland cityscapes of modern-day Kazakhstan to FUTUREASIA, a world viewed through the distorted lens of video-cassette tapes. The brand’s latest collection reimagines what it is like to live in the post-soviet world by offering striking visuals of punk-rock nomads in neon or acid-colored sweaters, t-shirts, and full-on suits.

The prices for this brand range from ₸40,000 to over ₸200,000.

ARLEM : ‘Tea’ shirts and minimalism

Want streetwear that is more bright and uplifting? ARLEM’s unisex collection for the summer is made of natural cotton and celebrates the Kazakh heritage with its fun yet meaningful prints.

Blue and yellow are the primary colors of this season’s collection. The brand combines the Kazakh imagery - stylized as the layout of a yurt or ornaments - with minimalism, providing a clean, but distinct look to the wearer.

The prices are estimated to be around ₸10,000.

RayLeeqs - modern and dynamic

RayLeeqs is another brand that leans into high fashion. The business is run by fashion designer Nurali Kankeldi whose runway collections often become available in the mass market.

Although the brand lacks a unifying vision, Kankeldi designs each piece with a unique concept. Most of his designs portray a degree of ruggedness to convey a different outlook on the always-in-a-hurry city atmosphere. Draped vests and jackets serve to complete a disheveled look for a more refreshing urban aesthetic. Most of the current collection would not feel out of place on the streets, complementing the sharp outlines of modern architecture.

The prices are available upon request and range from ₸18,000 to ₸150,000.

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