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Astana, Kazakhstan • 04 November, 2022 | 13:41
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'Cold', 'Fire', and 'Smoulder': Imanbek Launches NFT Collection of Roses

Buyers have a chance to get exclusive gifts from the Grammy-award winner from Kazakhstan

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Imanbek found his world fame by remixing "Roses" by SAINt JHN, which later won him his first Grammy award in 2021. Many singles and international concerts later, the Kazakh DJ and composer has recently paid homage to his viral hit in a unique way - by issuing an NFT collection called Seven Roses on the Binance marketplace, QazMonitor reports. Just like his dynamic mixes, the digital art pieces come with a twist.

The collection consists of seven types of digital roses totaling 456 tokens made in collaboration with KING MEDIA agency. Four of the seven contain special gifts from the artist, such as merchandise, an autograph, a secret gift, and ownership of his unreleased track titled 'X'. The lucky buyer who gets that X- rose will have the exclusive rights to the track and be able to monetize it and collect royalties.

The roses in the collection are named after natural and artificial elements: classic, cold, fire, water, smoulder, acid, and painted. 

The official message on the page of the collection conveys just how special the flower is to the Kazakh artist: "The collection contains roses in various conditions. Imanbek puts in this the meaning that no matter what the shell is, we all have a heart."

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