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Top 10 Most Popular Names For Kazakh Babies in 2022

The ministry of statistics revealed the current trends

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Adelina Kulyashkina
Adelina Kulyashkina

Choosing a baby name is a big deal for soon-to-be parents. It's fun and exciting, but it also doubles down as an equally good cause for arguments over deciding on the perfect one. Parents in Kazakhstan seem to have an easier time in that regard. Looking at the statistics for trending boy and girl names over the years, we can safely say that there has been some sort of a general consensus on which names are the 'safest'.  

QazMonitor presents you with the top 10 most popular names in 2022 compiled from data from the Bureau of National Statistics of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The figures in brackets stand for how many babies were given that name from January 1 to July 28.

Top 10 names for boys in 2022

1. Alikhan (3368)

2. Aisultan (2544)

3. Aldiyar (2200)

4. Amir (2064)

5. Omar (2071)

6. Nurislam (1959)

7. Ali (1902)

8. Alan (1880)

9. Arsen (1704)

10. Alinur (1622)

Alikhan and Aisultan were also the top two names last year. The only time in 2022 when baby Alikhans were outnumbered was in April - when 1451 baby boys were named Ramazan. The runner-up on the list so far is the name Muhammad (909 boys), which actually did not make it to last year's top 20. Another trend set?

Top 10 names for girls in 2022

1. Medina (3420)

2. Aisha (2638)

3. Ailin (2559)

4. Assylym (2275)

5. Rayana (2229)

6. Tomiris (1984)

7. Safiya (1769)

8. Ayala (1705)

9. Amina (1679)

10. Aizere (1541)

The list of ten most popular names hasn’t changed since 2021 except for one name. Safiya made it into the top 10 in 2022, going from 12th most popular in the entirety of 2021 to 7th in the first half of 2022. Medina was the most common name for baby girls in 2021 with 6216 registered cases.