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Astana, Kazakhstan • 23 August, 2022 | 10:48

Kazakhstan Chocolate to Become Intellectual Property

Can Kazakh products become as recognizable as Italian parmesan or Mexican tequila?

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Qazaqstan Monitor: Kazakhstan Chocolate to Become Intellectual Property

Kazakhstan is set on protecting its domestic products under the geographical indication tag of intellectual property rights, Orda reports. If all goes well, the nation's favorite Kazakhstan chocolate just might be able to build its cultural brand - just like the French champagne, Swiss knife, and Cuban cigar.

Matter of geography

Geographical indications are intellectual property rights that identify a good that originates from a specific geographical area. The product quality, along with its reputation, or other characteristics are commonly attributed to its geographical origin.

Domestic products that will be given geographical indications will include Kazakhstan chocolate, Kokshetau ice cream, Osakarov Saumal (mare milk), and Lepsi honey.

The Majilis stated that the new bill will allow domestic commodity producers to enter global markets with marketing and promotional benefits, boosting the quality and reputation of a given good as well as enhancing regional economic activity.  

It is estimated that almost 9,000 domestic authors and rights owners have anticipated this bill and are due to be granted intellectual property rights.

Short-term protection of unregistered industrial designs is being introduced, which is in line with the commitments made under the Enhanced Partnership and Cooperation Agreement with the European Union, ratified on March 25, 2016.

The term intends to protect right holders from direct copying of the appearance of original products.

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