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Astana, Kazakhstan • 11 May, 2022 | 13:30

July and August Were the Most Popular Months for Weddings in 2021

Meanwhile the number of marriages registered grows

QazMonitor Logo released the data collected by the National Bureau of Statistics on the marital status of Kazakhstan's citizens. Let us take a look.

More people are getting married

More than 140,300 couples got married in Kazakhstan last year, an 8.9% increase compared with the year before. The most popular months for weddings were July, August, and March, and the least popular were January, February, and May. About 16% of married couples were interethnic. 

In cities, the number of marriages increased by 12%, up to 99,400, during the year, while in the villages, the number only went up by 1.9%, up to 40,800.

The average age of males entering their first marriage was 27.9 years while it was 25.2 years for females. Among the newlyweds, 862 females and 57 males were under 18 years old. In the 30-to-54 age group, men were 37% more likely to marry than women, given in a ratio of 47,800 to 34,900.

Among men married, 113,200 had never been married before, 25,500 were divorced, and 1,700 were widowers. Among women, 115,600 had never been married before, 22,400 were divorced, and 1,900 were widowed.

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