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Astana, Kazakhstan • 13 May, 2024 | 12:15

Anar Burasheva Makes History as First Kazakh Woman to Summit Mt. Everest

Led by seasoned mountaineer Maxut Zhumayev, the Kazakh expedition trained for over a year for the ascent

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Collage by QazMonitor (source: Kazakh Everest Team)
Collage by QazMonitor (source: Kazakh Everest Team)

On May 12, the Nepalese mountaineering company Seven Summit Treks shared that Kazakh mountaineers Maxut Zhumayev, Almir Kymbatbaiuly, and Anar Burasheva made it to the top of Mount Everest. This marked a historic first for Kazakhstan, as Burasheva became the first Kazakh woman to conquer the world's highest peak, QazMonitor reports.

Preparation: Last November, a seven-man mountaineering expedition, under the leadership of seasoned mountaineer Maxut Zhumayev, set out to achieve the feat of ascending Sagarmatha, as the peak is known in Nepali. The Kazakh Everest Team's objective was to conquer the daunting heights, accompanied by the first Kazakh woman to undertake such a challenge.

  • The team dedicated the year to training for the ascent. Their preparation included conquering Kilimanjaro (5,895 m) in Tanzania in February, followed by Imja Tse (6,165 m) in Nepal in April – the last one before the main event.

Ascent: The expedition proper started on May 7. Before the ascent, the team met with Kancha Sherpa, the sole surviving member of the historic 1953 Sagarmatha expedition led by Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary, marking the first ascent of the peak.

Five days later, on May 12 at 7:25 a.m., the international team of twenty-two mountaineers, including three representatives from Kazakhstan, reached the summit (8,849 m), achieving their shared goal.

  • Joining Burasheva in her achievement as the first woman from Kazakhstan to the summit, Lucia Janicova from Slovakia also accomplished the same feat for her country.

Kazakh Everest Team
Kazakh Everest Team
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