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Astana, Kazakhstan • 29 March, 2024 | 16:03

Want to Name a Bear? Almaty Zoo Calls for Your Ideas for Twin Cubs

The Asian black bear couple, Yashin and Ussuri, welcomed their second litter into the family

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Almaty Zoo
Almaty Zoo

A pair of cubs were born into the family of Asian black bears, Yashin and Ussuri, at Almaty Zoo, QazMonitor reports.

Announcement: The cubs were born on December 12, and both the mother bear, Ussuri, and her offspring are reported to be in excellent health. This marks the second litter for the bear couple; their first cub, Yassuri, was born two years ago on January 18.

The firstborn, a girl, arrived in 2022, and now we have two adorable baby boys.

shared Almaty Zoo.

After giving birth to the adorable cubs, Ussuri is on a high-calorie diet, comprising meat, fish, honey, porridge, fruits, vegetables, rye bread, and vitamins. Currently, she remains with her twins in a den and does not venture outdoors, the zoo staff noted.

Baby names: The zoo is now seeking suitable names for the cubs and has invited suggestions from the public in the comments below the post.

The couple: Yashin and Ussuri both arrived at Almaty Zoo from Russia in May 2021. Yashin is from Krasnoyarsk, while Ussuri comes from Novosibirsk.

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