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Astana, Kazakhstan • 21 December, 2023 | 16:05
1 min read

500M Streams: Electronic Music Artist from Karagandy Awarded RIAA Gold Record

Izzamuzzic was awarded by the Recording Industry Association of America for his track "SHOOTOUT"

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Vadim Pavlyuchenko, widely recognized by his stage name Izzamuzzic, has been honored with a Gold record for his track "SHOOTOUT," surpassing an impressive 500 million streams across various platforms.

Hailing from Karagandy, Kazakhstan, Izzamuzzic is a prolific electronic musician, sound producer, and composer. On Friday, December 15, he was awarded a Gold record by the RIAA for his single "SHOOTOUT," a track that has amassed over 500 million listens on streaming platforms. The track was created in collaboration with Julien Marchal.

Source: RIAA
Source: RIAA

The latest drops by Izzzamuzzic include his solo EP titled Lost Notes, as well as an EP called Deja Vu, created as a joint effort with Hells Kitchen.

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) serves as the representative body for the recording industry in the United States. Responsible for RIAA certification, which includes awarding gold, platinum, diamond, and other designations to albums and singles, the RIAA has bestowed such honors upon global icons like Drake, Kanye West, Travis Scott, Taylor Swift, and others.

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