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Astana, Kazakhstan • 23 August, 2022 | 11:06

Dimash Kudaibergen Leaves His Mark on The World Painting

What else is in store for the Guinness World Record Holder?

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On the eve of his upcoming solo concert, Dimash Kudaibergen left his mark on The World Painting during his visit to the Kazakhstan Pavilion at EXPO 2020 Dubai on the day of Nauryz, writes.

Leaving a mark on the world

Just a few days before his concert at the Coca-Cola Arena on March 25, Dimash visited the Kazakhstan Pavilion in time for the Nauryz celebration. And what better way to celebrate culture and tradition than making some art. 

The World Painting is a daring art project that took off thanks to the Internet, uniting people from all around the globe to share a paint brush while leaving their own individual mark on the canvas.

Dimash's touch on the art piece is registered under the number 2001. "Nineteen strokes left [to finish the painting]," said Daut Shaikhislamov, the author of the project.

The World Painting set a Guinness World Record for the most people in an online video chain using and passing a paintbrush. It collected more than 2000 strokes from residents of all countries around the world. A variety of people left their mark on the painting: students, children, celebrities, prominent artists, sports figures, politicians, businessmen, and philanthropists. Its copy has already traveled to space aboard the ISS.

According to Shaikhislamov, he was offered 1,500 etheriums by crypto-millionaires for the painting. The sum is equivalent to more than $4 million. But the artist declined.

The World Painting has its own path, and, at the moment, it is waiting to be exhibited in museums in different countries. After closing the world exhibition EXPO 2020, the art project will be donated to one of Dubai's museums.

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