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Astana, Kazakhstan • 06 November, 2023 | 11:43

Dimash Qudaibergen Becomes Proud Owner of Tazy Puppy

The singer named his Tazy puppy Garyshker

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Kazakhstan's beloved singer, Dimash Qudaibergen, recently revealed a thoughtful gift he received from the country's President, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev. The special gift, which Dimash proudly introduced on his Instagram page, is an adorable Tazy puppy, QazMonitor reports.

The Tazy puppy has been named ‘Garyshker’, which means ‘Astronaut’ in Kazakh. In his Instagram post, Dimash explained the significance of the Tazy breed, which holds a special place in Kazakh culture as one of the 'Seven Treasures' passed down through generations.

"I am glad that Kazakhstan today pays attention to the preservation of these hunting dogs and [to enhancing] their international recognition. This Kazakh dog breed is known for its beauty, poise, and, in my opinion, intelligence.

Our ancestors held a deep respect and fondness for the Tazy. These dogs could freely enter our yurts, a symbol of their purity. The name 'Tazy' originates from the Persian language, meaning 'swift' and 'agile.'

I express my gratitude to our President for such an invaluable gift!” wrote Dimash Qudaibergen on his social media.

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