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Astana, Kazakhstan • 23 August, 2022 | 11:10

French TV Explores The Ghostly Underwater Forest of Kaindy

Kaindy named a paradise worth saving

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A TV channel in France, Arte TV, released a documentary about Lake Kaindy and the nature of the Almaty region, reports


Hauntingly Beautiful

The film "Lake Kaindy, The Treasure of Kazakh Mountains" was created by the association of documentary filmmakers French Connection Films. The film is part of a series called Saving Paradise, in which the filmmakers explore some of the most beautiful places on Earth that are under threat.

Support in the filming was provided by JSC "NC Kazakh Tourism". The film lasts over 40 minutes and is accompanied by a French voiceover. Its first part is devoted to the history of Lake Kaindy. The film uses underwater footage of divers swimming past huge "sunken" trees.

Lake Kaindy was created by an earthquake that took place in 1911. The freshwater lake is home to an array of fir trees that not only jet out from its waters but that call those who take a dive to explore an entire forest sunken under its clear waters.

When the earthquake hit, it created a natural dam that slowly filled with rainwater over the years, leaving the trees that were damaged during the earthquake submerged in the water, Insider writes. 

Other gems

Much attention is also paid to neighboring landscapes, in particular the mountains of Almaty region. Medium and close-up shots show the local inhabitants: mountain goats, snakes, rodents. A separate block in the film tells about the snow leopard: rare footage of this predator is used, as well as interviews with environmentalists who monitor the population and movement of animals.

The film uses aerial photography, which opens up beautiful panoramic views of the mountains. The clip is conventionally divided into two parts, in which summer and winter landscapes are used in equal proportions.

French Conception Films plans to nominate the film for a number of film festivals and continue shooting a second film already about the steppe regions of Kazakhstan in 2022. 

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