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Astana, Kazakhstan • 23 August, 2022 | 10:53
1 min read

Costumes of Flag-Bearers Dubbed Best in History of Winter Olympics

They are to be donated to the Olympics Museum in Lausanne

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Anne-Christine Poujoulat

The costumes of Kazakhstan's standard-bearers at the Beijing Games were recognized the best in the history of the Olympic Games. This was reported by the Secretary General of the National Olympic Committee of Kazakhstan Andrei Kryukov.

"The flag-bearer costume was recognized as the best in the history of the Olympic Games, in April there will be an official ceremony to hand it over to the Olympic Museum (...) We would like the visitors to the museum in Lausanne to talk about us," 

Andrei Kryukov 

Recall that skater Ekaterina Aidova and short-track speed skater Abzal Azhgaliyev were the standard-bearers of Kazakhstan. At the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics, they appeared in the historical images of the Sakha queen Tomiris and the valiant Kazakh batyr.

For the uniforms of the standard-bearers at the Winter Olympics, the classical "koshkar muyiz" ("ram horns") was used as the main ornament. Note that the designers worked on the elements of patterns together with the State Museum of Art named after Abilkhan Kasteev, as well as during the summer Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020. And Kazakh fashion designer Violetta Ivanova, who created the costumes of our flag bearers for the Japanese Olympics, also became the author of the uniform of flag bearers for the Beijing Games.

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