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Astana, Kazakhstan • 02 February, 2024 | 10:54
3 min read

How Kazakh Companies Integrate ESG Principles to Drive Sustainability

Major businesses shared prominent examples during a panel session at the Digital Almaty Forum 2024

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Digital Almaty
Digital Almaty

The Digital Almaty International Forum, held today in Almaty, focused on the integration of ESG principles into the business strategies of companies. The panel session called "Digital Solutions for ESG Transformation" became a platform for sharing experiences and discussing ways to realize sustainable development.

The general sponsor of the event was Kcell, and the Forum received support in the Gold Partner status from Microfinance Organization OnlineKazFinance” JSC under the Solva brand. The companies emphasized their role in promoting ESG values to achieve sustainable business development.

The company views its role in sustainable development not only as a responsibility but also as an opportunity for innovation and growth. An important part of sustainability is the creation of innovative and digital tools, which require internet coverage. In this context, internet availability becomes a basic human need. Kcell, which has become the leader in terms of internet speed in Kazakhstan, plays a key role in ensuring this need, contributing to the achievement of sustainable development.

Askhat Uzbekov, CEO at Kcell

One of the successful cases aimed at the implementation of ESG principles and realization of sustainable development goals in Kazakhstan is Kcell's introduction of private networks based on industrial giants of the country. In particular, the company was one of the first operators in the CIS and the first in the republic to deploy a full-scale private network for the industrial giants KAZ Minerals, Polymetal International, as well as Eurasian Resources Group.

Private network coverage of industrial sites in the mining and processing industries allows us to improve the efficiency of technological processes of mining and processing minerals and the efficiency of enterprises in general. At the same time, digitalization and automation of production allow solving a whole range of issues - from increasing productivity to creating and supporting a favorable climate in the team through IoT systems and sensors integrated into private LTE: to monitor the state of the production base, machinery, and equipment, as well as to monitor the health and emotional background of each employee, which can help to properly distribute the load and workload.

Zulfiya Khudaibergenova, Director of Government Relations Department at Kcell

In addition, MOST Holding, in partnership with the International Center for Green Technologies and Investment Projects, presented the launch of Kazakhstan ESG Research. The goal of the project is to identify best practices and strategies for the implementation of ESG principles in Kazakh companies, as well as the problems and challenges they face in integrating these standards. In the context of Kazakhstan, the research is also focused on understanding how local conditions and regulatory policies influence the adoption and effectiveness of ESG initiatives.

The importance of ESG is continuously increasing, with investors and stakeholders increasingly demanding transparency and credible sustainability analysis backed by data to inform investment decisions. In Kazakhstan, under the leadership of President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, the country is actively moving towards a green economy and carbon neutrality, implementing a new Environmental Code and renewable energy strategies, reaffirming its commitments under international agreements such as the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals. In addition, at the state level, Kazakhstan has ratified 25 International Labor Organization (ILO) conventions, which is also a component of the ESG. With the help of the study, we want to measure the market and demonstrate the best cases of companies from the real sector of the economy. We plan to show the full document of the study at the Central Eurasian Venture Forum on June 7.

Pavel Koktyshev, Managing Partner of MOST Holding

The event was an important step towards deepening the understanding and implementation of ESG principles among Kazakhstan’s companies, demonstrating the importance of digital solutions in achieving a sustainable future.

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