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Astana, Kazakhstan • 10 January, 2024 | 15:48
1 min read

Kazakh Companies to Discuss Leading ESG Practices at Digital Almaty 2024

The forum will host two thematic sessions on best ESG practices and digital tools

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Digital Almaty press service
Digital Almaty press service

On February 1, Almaty will host the Kazakhstan ESG Forum: Sustainable Digital Future, an integral segment of the Digital Almaty 2024 international forum. The event focuses on exploring pivotal aspects of environmental, social responsibility, and corporate governance within the realm of digital technologies.

The Forum will bring together prominent experts, business leaders, and political figures to deliberate on sustainable development strategies, groundbreaking solutions in the environmental and social spheres, and the latest trends in corporate governance.

The Kazakhstan ESG Forum will host two thematic sessions, addressing the following topics:

  • Strategies employed by digital companies to implement ESG practices

  • Digital tools to achieve ESG objectives

The profound impact of ESG on the capital market is evident in the rising issuance of ESG bonds and the surge in ESG-oriented assets, poised to constitute a significant share of global investments by 2025.

In the current economic landscape, accounting for ESG factors is imperative. Companies neglecting ESG considerations risk losing customers, employees, and financial support.

This event is organized by Apple Events Group and MOST Media, with support from Tech Garden and Kcell. The forum's lead moderators include Pavel Koktyshev, Managing Partner at MOST Ventures and co-founder of MOST Business Incubator, and Andrew Beklemishev, Vice President at IDC.

Join the ESG Forum to collaboratively shape the future of sustainable business in the digital age.

“Digital Almaty 2024: Industry X: Digital Evolution of the Future” forum is scheduled from February 1-3. The sixth iteration of the forum will convene government officials from SCO and EAEU countries, along with leading experts and entrepreneurs, to exchange experiences and ideas geared towards ushering in a new era of the digital industry.

Date and Time: February 1, 14:30

Venue: Atakent Exhibition and Convention Center, Almaty.

Seating is limited. To participate, register on the forum’s official website, and subsequently on

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