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Astana, Kazakhstan • 13 December, 2023 | 13:09
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President: Kazakhstan Should Become Haven for Global IT Players

The country intends to increase IT industry exports to $1 billion

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Kazakhstan can and should position itself as a haven for the offices of the world's largest international IT companies, said President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev during his speech at the ceremony awarding the winners of the "Altyn Sapa" and "Paryz" awards, QazMonitor reports.

"Kazakhstan holds leading positions globally in the e-government and fintech development index. We recently introduced an innovative format for the national currency - the digital tenge. I am confident that this significant step will further propel the development of our financial system.

The IT sector is experiencing dynamic growth in the country, expanding its share in the economies of advanced nations every year. Last year, exports from the domestic IT industry increased fivefold, and I have set a goal to further increase its volume to $1 billion by 2026. We are focused on the continued digitalization of all sectors of the economy, from large industrial facilities to small service projects. However, we must remain vigilant and not rest on our laurels," stated the Head of State.

President Tokayev stressed that Kazakhstan must position itself as a global center for digital technologies. He emphasized that Kazakhstan has the potential to host the offices of major international IT companies. These goals represent only a fraction of the tasks and tangible results of our ongoing efforts, the president explained.

Tokayev highlighted that it is time for Kazakh citizens to become a nation that not only learns but also imparts knowledge to others.

"We must evolve into a state that not only consumes but also produces. I have reiterated this point several times. The 'made in Kazakhstan' brand should symbolize the highest quality, representing the best products. This is the primary objective of the Altyn Sapa contest. Moreover, business representatives should deeply recognize their responsibility to the population. An honest citizen — “Adal azamat” — should not only think about personal well-being but also care for the native village and the region in which they work. These are the entrepreneurs who deserve support and recognition from society, as their noble mission is in service to the homeland,"

said the Head of State

This year, participants in the "Paryz" contest actively engaged in various social projects, contributing about 80 billion tenge to charitable purposes and creating more than 6 thousand new jobs.

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