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Astana, Kazakhstan • 17 November, 2022 | 10:15
2 min read

7 Kazakh Startups That Raised Investments in November 2022

Two companies entered foreign markets in the US, the UAE, Portugal, Russia, and Turkiye

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The participants of the Techpreneurs accelerator program at Astana Hub shared the results of their progress, QazMonitor reports citing Astana Hub’s press service.

Techpreneurs is a free acceleration program for startup projects of all stages. It is open for applications both to Kazakh residents and foreigners. The program is supported by the government of Kazakhstan and provides projects with access to tracking, educational workshops, individual consultations, and other services at Astana Hub. In addition, Techpreneur’s participants enjoy tax benefits and a simplified visa regime.

Investroom is a crowdlending investment platform that increased sales to ₸13 million and created 12 new jobs during the acceleration period.

Sekura is a no-code platform that provides the development of low-code applications, implicit SQL management, and software protection. At the program, they transitioned to the MVP stage and increased their sales by 100%.

According to the CPO of the WeLoveFlutterFlow no-code project Damir Uali, the team recently made a transition to scale and increased the sales 13-fold, creating 25 new jobs. “We also managed to enter the markets of the US, the UAE, Portugal, and Russia,” added Uali.

The developers of the speech analytics technology DauysKit said that they were able to make the transition to the MVP stage, increasing sales by 20% and creating 2 new jobs, and start entering the Turkish market. Their product is capable of Natural Language Understanding and creating voice and text SAAS/PAAS services, STT/TTS call center automation, quality control, and other NLU cases. The model recognizes Kazakh, Russian and mixed speech.

IP-LIFT, a startup for the automation of elevators and barriers in residential complexes, was able to move to the MVP stage, launch its first sales, increase sales by 25% and attract an investment of ₸5 million.

A startup for the production of cryptocurrency devices, I VIZOR, passed from the MCI stage to Language/Market Fit, made 200 sales from scratch, and created 4 new working places.

And lastly, the developers of WCBYE, a smart wristband that detects the distance of objects to alert the wearer, made the transition to the MVP stage, created 5 new jobs, and were able to attract additional investment.

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