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Astana, Kazakhstan • 10 November 2023

New Grants for Kazakh Postdocs to Boost Priority Research Areas

Scientists can apply for funding from October 13 to November 11

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Unsplash/Ousa Chea
Unsplash/Ousa Chea

Kazakhstan demonstrates a profound commitment to fostering its research community through the allocation of grants. With a robust emphasis on nurturing scientific inquiry and innovation, Kazakhstan's government and various institutions have established a comprehensive framework to support scientists and researchers.

Earlier in April, during the Meeting of the National Council on Science and Technology, President Tokayev remarked on the development of science in Kazakhstan, saying that it should be “the vanguard in the modernization of the national economy”.

One of the most recent measures to support Kazakh scientists was announced this week. Starting October 13, postdoctoral scientists can apply for 2024–2026 Zhas Galym grant funding for fundamental and applied scientific research. QazMonitor reporter analyzed how these new grants can boost the key research areas in Kazakhstan.

Scientific grants in Kazakhstan: trends and priorities

The analysis shows, the greatest interest for Kazakhstani scientists is in applied research, the share of which in grants is 58.5%. The realization of scientific research is carried out under the priority directions of science development determined by the Higher Scientific and Technical Commission under the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 

While increasing the level and potential of science in the country is an obvious benefit of providing more grants to local researchers, there are three ways in which grants will bring even more benefits in the long run.   

The first benefit is that grant programs will create conditions and a comfortable environment, for uniform and smooth creative development of young scientists in Kazakhstan. Another prominent advantage is that the new grants will lead to an increase in the number of articles in reputable international journals, which in turn will result in better global visibility and recognition of Kazakhstani research endeavors. Lastly, the grants have the potential to motivate PhD students to engage in high-quality research endeavors. By offering incentives such as grants for postdoctoral studies, the initiative encourages students to conduct rigorous and impactful research during their academic pursuits.

What new grants can researchers apply for?

The Committee outlined the following priority areas for funding:

  • Ecology, environment, and rational nature management

  • Energy, advanced materials, and transportation

  • Advanced manufacturing, digital, and space technologies

  • The intellectual potential of the country

  • Life Sciences and Health

  • Sustainable development of the agro-industrial complex

  • National Security and Defense, Biological Security.

Applications must be submitted via the form on the National Center of Science and Technology Evaluation's official webpage. The application should include an electronic digital signature from both the postdoctoral fellow and the applicant.

Application acceptance begins on October 13, and the deadline for submissions is November 11.

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