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Astana, Kazakhstan • 30 December 2022

7 Surprising Google Searches About Kazakhstan

‘Why is Kazakhstan a brick’ and other crucial questions

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Credit: Google (logo),,
Credit: Google (logo),,

Yes, we get it - Kazakhstan is not the most popular country in the world. But, either for good or bad reasons, more people are becoming curious about our country and us, so naturally, they open their google search tab and start typing.

QazMonitor found 7 of the most unusual things people searched about Kazakhstan on Google. Some are funny, others downright weird. Read the article until the end to find out why Kazakhstan is a brick.

1. Why Kazakhs are cool?

While Google may show some weather- and sight-related links for this entry, we prefer to believe that the world really does think we are cool. Given the growing popularity of Dimash Kudaibergen, GGG, Imanbek, and award-winning movie directors, we expect to see this search entry even more frequently.

Interestingly, the second ‘why?’ question to follow is ‘why are Kazakhs so beautiful.’ You know, FYI.

2. Did Kazakhstan invent toffee (and trouser belt)?

No clue where this one came from, but the short answer is no. The origin of the belt dates back to the prehistoric ages, and as for the toffee, well, Kazakhstan is better known for its must-try signature chocolate bar that has become a staple souvenir for every tourist.

3. Are Kazakhs friendly?

Why are you asking? Next question! Really - Kazakhs are incredibly friendly and welcoming, so much so that ‘Kazakh hospitality’ is a separate search trend.

4. Can Kazakhs understand Turkish?

This may be the first somewhat “serious” question on the list. The answer: no. Despite being in the same language family, a Kazakh and a Turkish person can’t understand each other. On the contrary, Kazakh and Kyrgyz have much more in common.

5. Can Kazakhs eat pork?

This is far from being the most popular kind of meat in our country. You won’t find it in any traditional dishes, and many people don’t eat it for religious reasons. Popular fast-food chains don’t offer bacon on burgers. You’ll probably see a Halal sign instead. But don’t get us wrong, there is no state-wide ban or anything like that. You can still find pork in some cafes and in most meat markets.

6. Where do Kazakhs live?

Kazakhstan - the ninth biggest country in the world - is located in Central Asia neighboring the Kyrgyz Republic, Uzbekistan, China, Russia, and Turkmenistan. Across the Caspian Sea, we also neighbor Iran and Azerbaijan.

But maybe people already knew this? No, we don’t live in yurts - if that’s what they meant.

7. Why is Kazakhstan a brick?

You know, some questions break all laws of logic and common sense. Or so we first thought. Apparently, this one is just a funny reference rather than a new-age metaphysical concept.

The question refers to Polandball, or the countryballs meme, where every country is depicted as a sentient sphere with googly eyes. All of them but one – the Republic of Kazakhstanbrick (with the capital of Astanabrick). The official wiki page claims that ‘Kazakhstan's flag was notably wider than other flags and its design can't fit into a round shape.’ Mystery solved.

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